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Angels, Awaken to Love & Abundance

Group Coaching Program 

Divine Empowerment Coach Crystal Lynn, abundance activator and happiness queen presents . . . 

Transform and fly high as you release past wounds and

step fully into your true authentic self!

You are a divine being that vibrates with love at your core.

We are going to amplify your self love & increase your ability to receive abundance!

Not even the sky is the limit once you fully claim the power you hold. What once was a huge obstacle to overcome is merely a past inconvenience as you climb your way to success. 


An internal shift is necessary before you can manifest a life you love.

Therefore, a focus on positive mindset and an enhanced connection to your intuition are an integral part of this coaching program. 





You may wish to attract a divine love or enhance a current relationship. 

You may wish for a promotion or to make more money. 

You may wish to build a business or have your dream career.

You may wish to find your tribe of like minded people.

You may wish for inner peace and happiness. 

You may wish to feel amazingly confident so you can crush your goals. 


No matter what you wish, it all starts with an internal shift. 


Join me to . . . 

Attract a life of abundance, love and bliss. 

Live in the vibration of creation and manifestation. 


Get clear on what you want and who you are. 

Receive easy to follow coaching, training and tools/systems so that you can take small action steps right away. 


I see the beauty in you. 

I want you to see it too. 

Let's start building an amazing life for you. 



and elevate your life with this 6 Month Group Coaching Program 


Weekly Live Training/Group Coaching 

Online Course Curriculum   

Private Group for Support and Accountability

Biweekly Intuitive Readings/Healings

Live Q & A Sessions

Bonus: One 1:1 Coaching Call 

Bonus: Daily Manifesting & Mindset Workbook

Guest Speakers

  • Awaken your abundance codes, as you release past struggles and ignite the power within you. 

  • Activate your frequency to become an aligned receiver and manifest everything you want. 

  • Emerge as a powerhouse with your heart wide open and full of love. 

  • You shall receive when you dream big, stop settling and start painting castles in the sky. 

  • Farewell to feeling stuck, doubt and not good enough. Leave all toxicity in the past as you transform into a Confident Goddess. As you free your soul from all the negative, you will discover your powerful intuition and let it guide you into a deeply fulfilling and purposeful life. 

  • Be the match to attract a quality divine love within you as you increase your self love and fill your time with joy and all that makes your heart sing. 

  • Heal from past wounds and step into your power as the amazing awakening angel you are. The old you is dead. A thriving life starts today.  You will take bold confident steps in obtaining what you want. Step out of your comfort zone, go after that promotion or project, make more money and feel amazing.

  • Manifest abundance and heart’s desires. You can have it all!  Get crystal clear on what you want and why. Shift your focus in order to obtain what has seemed out of reach. 

  • Feel good again and let the sun shine in more and more each day. 

Imagine this, You: 

  • Tapping into the love and power within you as you speak your truth, get clear on your big vision and rise into being the vigorous angel that you are. 

  • Light up your life with purpose, vitality and abundance by letting your intuition lead you.

  • See your wishes come true as you bring more magic to life with no regrets. Your only regret now is that you didn’t do this sooner!

  • Shine from your inner glow of love, light and peace. You are free, liberated and trust yourself to create a beautiful life. Imagine waking up and feeling amazing. 

  • You’re full of self love and confidence. You smile back at your reflection in the mirror. 

  • You are clear on what you want and you are going for it and making progress. 


It's only a matter of time before you achieve your goals. 

You are happy and believe in miracles now as you have had many miracles happen already. You know that you are able to make amazing things happen in your life. You now notice all the small miracles that are already happening all around you. More miracles are happening to you and for you. You have faith and trust that everything always works out for you. You are spending your time doing what you love. Your love life is deeper and more connected than ever.  


You are living in flow. You are happy, grateful and blessed. 


But you also put the work in and decided to no longer settle in life. You choose to invest in yourself emotionally and financially in order to thrive in life and stop playing small.

You realized that you needed work past some of the blocks that stood in the way of your success. 

You may have started this journey as someone who often people pleased too often instead of putting your own needs first. 


I have been there. I ran around trying to make everything work before I stopped and realized that none of it was working anymore. I have helped my clients, many of which have suffered some form of abuse to heal, increase their positive mindset, self love and confidence. 


You have the choice to keep the pain inside of you and hold onto it or to work through it and shift into a stronger, wiser, more lovable, bold version of yourself. I provide the strength, love, support, and encouragement to help you to see yourself more like the way your higher self or God sees you. You are pure light and love. 

We create action steps and I hold you accountable in order to go after what you want. We access, change, shift and keep working more and more to get you to where you want to be. 

Today is the first day towards your dream life. 

This is NOT for you if: 

  • You are not committed to showing up, investing in yourself and doing the work in order to get results. 

  • You do not believe in a power that is greater than yourself and are not open to spiritual conversations. 

My Special Sauce:

  • Not every coach is an Intuitive Healer and offers Divine Messages to help you align with your highest good and soul purpose.

  • Is a Reiki Practitioner which can heal or lessen pain or depression, can align your charkas and have you feeling more balanced and energized. 

  •  Is a Fashion Designer and Stylist to have you looking fabulous on the outside as well as feeling bliss on the inside.

  • Can clearly see you and easily identify the blocks that are in the way of your success.

  • Will be honest, direct, strong and loving in order to help you have the biggest shift into a more positive life.

  • Teaches positive mindset and spirituality so that you can increase your outlook to more positive, strengthen your self worth, develop your intuition and follow your inner guidance. 

  • Has been through the process of what they teach via life experience and know that it works if you trust and apply it. 

Let's hop on a call.

You will gain clarity on what you want and what stands in your way of achieving it.

Click the button above, answer a few quick questions and I will email you to confirm or schedule a time to talk. 


Check out my testimonials here: 



I came to Crystal at a time in my life when I felt overwhelmed. I had just gone through a painful divorce. I had just been downsized from my company and my self confidence had taken a beating- it seemed like life had attacked me from all sides. Crystal stressed the importance of positive mindset. She was clear that I first needed to assess where I was at – to release, not pretend that all was well. I started taking pride in who I was, who I was becoming a better version of me. First, I changed my thinking from victim mode to warrior mode. I got ready for a fight knowing that I was a woman of worth. I learned to channel my inner power. I grew more confident in my abilities and skills and learned to express them with pride.  Well, interestingly enough – after 2 ½ years of searching, once I became clear on what I wanted in a house (and she encouraged me to dream big) I got the house of my dreams – with every feature I had asked for in my visualization exercise! Incredible! Coincidence? I think not! I now boldly speak my truth. I have improved relationships that were strained to thriving. I stood up for myself in powerful ways and even walked away from relationships that don’t serve me anymore because I was not being valued for my true worth. Thanks to Crystal, I have increased my self love and raised my vibration. I am on the right path and am looking forward to a great love coming into my life soon. 



Crystal helped me to clear blocks and gave me insight. I released some anger and pain which helped me to improve my relationships with others. I took my power back and I am more open to receiving abundance. I even manifested money!! I have realized how important it is to stop people pleasing and I have shifted my focus to putting me first. I limit my time with negative people which has me feeling more positive. I am open to love again. 



from Mel 



I took a course with Crystal Lynn. It was an amazing experience. She is very professional and knowledgeable.  I had lost my job due the situation the whole world was facing. I lost my focus and I had no hope at the time.  I was feeling very low and driving myself crazy thinking, how am I going to go on. I have been following Crystal for quite a while and was very drawn to her and all that she offers. In the course, she provided a ton of value. She had a ton of videos on a variety of topics such as: positive mindset, self worth, abundance, manifesting, how to release the past, intuition/spiritual connection, confidence, our views on money, goals/habits, and dreaming big, to name a few.  A workbook was also included that helped to outline the whole process. She also provided support and guidance via email/messenger to ensure that I was shifting my focus. She give me clarity to focus on my new life style. While messaging with Crystal, she got to the core of the issue and helped me to release a huge money block that has been standing in the way of my success my whole life. I booked several virtual clients after this insight and have grown my business. I highly recommend that you sign up for one of Crystal Lynn Perez's coaching packages. I am so grateful for all she has taught me. Most importantly, for helping me to find my way to generate money from home doing what I love. I will be forever thankful.

Learn more about my 1:1 coaching program below.

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