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Monthly Membership Circle 

This is for the ambitious and spiritual woman who would love to be in a tribe of like minded ladies with a focus on connection, personal growth & fun!

Positive mindset, self love and spirituality have been the keys in my life to help me shift into living a life I love. Self care and fun also help me to stayed aligned and in flow so that I continue to manifest joy. I share these nuggets of wisdom with my coaching clients and now I would like to share them with you so that we can rise and thrive together. 

Girls just wanna have fun! That's all they really want . . . FUN! 

We need to shift our focus to fun and connection especially after the crazy year we have had. We now realize what we are missing or what is most important. That is our bond with other people and feeling good.

The 2 most sought after desires are: 



or said another way 


I was a young child when Cyndi Lyper's song, "Girls just want to have fun" came out. I grew up listening to this song. Even today, there is a light and fun energy that I feel when the song comes on the radio. 


Who doesn't want to have fun? 


We may get busy or forget to make time for it but once we do, we enjoy laughing or getting lost in an activity that can connect us to our inner child or fill us with delight. 

There will also be a focus on spirituality, positive mindset, self love and owning your power with the membership circle. 

But it's main purpose is for growth, bonding and fun. 

As the world continues to endure this pandemic and even when we adjust to a new normal, we need strong amazing women by our side. 

This is the time to rise up, stand in your power and exude your queen energy like never before.

So join me to rise together in a sisterhood of Queens. 

We will have zoom calls with a focus on fun, creativity and bonding each month. 

Dance parties, art night, happy hours, readings and more!

We will also have a masterclass zoom call lead by me with a focus on intentions, spirituality, mindset and more. 

Speak your truth, enforce boundaries, self care, angels and more!

You will grow both personally and spirituality while connecting to your happiness and creating friendships with others. 

You will look forward to our calls.

This year of 2021 is a year for magic! 

If you can release and focus on what you want, life can be magic!

If you can raise your vibe and keep it high, amazing possibilities open up. 

This is a positive environment where we focus on lifting one another up. 

It's Ladies night in with all your best girlfriends!

Ready to embrace your divine feminine?

  • You will receive 2 monthly zoom calls.

  • A private facebook group for more support and interaction.

  • Surprise facebook lives from me in the group! (This could be card readings or insight that I think you all need to hear most to help you rise.)

  • Access to a library of my most powerful workshops & masterclasses! They will help you to release and forgive as well as get clear and set goals and more!

  • You also get the replays of all our past calls with tons of guidance and insight!!! 

Some topics we have covered so far:

  • Full Moon Events/Readings/Healings

  • Speak Your Truth & Own Your Power

  • Money Mindset 

  • Inner & Outer Beauty - Fashion Dance Party

  • Art plus readings

  • Structure vs Flow - Routines

  • Spiritual Tools

  • Gaining Momentum on Your Goals

  • Gain Clarity on Your Soul Aligned Business

  • Connection & Vulnerability

  • Forgiveness

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Bonus Content

  • And More!

Join us Now to Complete 2021 by creating magic in your life. 


Total Value: $1100. 

Regular Price

The price is $55. per month

or $200.00 if you pay in full

(Save $20.)

You will have access for the rest of 2021.

You also have access to watch past calls in the group. Sweet!

Sign up here:


Crystal Lynn

Divine Empowerment Coach

I help women who feel defeated after divorce, learn to trust themselves so they can reclaim their life as free, powerful independent women.


I help women to release past pain, heal and tune into love. I empower women to step into their power, get clear and go after what they want so they can stop settling and create their dream life.

If you would like my help to pinpoint exactly what is standing in the way of your next level, you can book your free call here


Join my free group for ambitious women here:

I have been in Crystal's Membership Circle from the beginning and the changes that are beginning to happen are amazing. Having a coach to be that third eye, providing insight that I was blocking. Accountability and smart goals, guiding how to get back on track when life throws a hurdle. If you are ready for straight talk, planning, discovery, goals and growth then this is for you.

Here is what Tammy has to say about working with me: 

Here is what Michelle has to say about working with me: 

I came to Crystal at a time in my life when I felt overwhelmed. I had just gone through a painful divorce. I had just been downsized from my company and my self confidence had taken a beating- it seemed like life had attacked me from all sides. Crystal stressed the importance of positive mindset. She was clear that I first needed to assess where I was at – to release, not pretend that all was well. I started taking pride in who I was, who I was becoming a better version of me. First, I changed my thinking from victim mode to warrior mode. I got ready for a fight knowing that I was a woman of worth. I learned to channel my inner power. I grew more confident in my abilities and skills and learned to express them with pride.  Well, interestingly enough – after 2 ½ years of searching, once I became clear on what I wanted in a house (and she encouraged me to dream big) I got the house of my dreams – with every feature I had asked for in my visualization exercise! Incredible! Coincidence? I think not! I now boldly speak my truth. I have improved relationships that were strained to thriving. I stood up for myself in powerful ways and even walked away from relationships that don’t serve me anymore because I was not being valued for my true worth. Thanks to Crystal, I have increased my self love and raised my vibration. I am on the right path and am looking forward to a great love coming into my life soon. 

I highly recommend Crystal's Coaching and Workshops! Crystal is an amazing warm and kind person. She has such an incredible energy! Crystal guided me on which course would be most beneficial to me and we decided that Level Up would be a great fit. Level Up has helped me transform in so many ways. Crystals gentle approach has helped me to start taking steps towards my goals and develop healthy daily habits. The course has helped me to silence negative chatter and tune into positivity. Crystal is a brilliant coach and I look forward to working with her in the future!

Here is what Sophie has to say about working with me: 

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