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Divine Empowerment Coach Crystal Lynn, abundance activator and happiness queen presents . . . 

Ignite Your Inner Goddess

Signature Coaching Program

Unveil your true desires, wave your wand and build a magical life step by step. Consider me your dream catcher. Let’s color in your world together and create bliss.


3 or 6 Month 1:1 Coaching Program


Awaken your Midas touch, as you release past struggles and ignite your inner Goddess. Emerge as a powerhouse with your heart wide open and full of love. You shall receive when you dream big, stop settling and start painting castles in the sky. 


You have made so much progress in life and have come so far.  Some old struggles are behind you as you decided that you are meant for so much more life and left the victim mindset behind. However, it seems you only get so far and you still have much bigger dreams to accomplish ahead. You would love to burst through the invisible barrier and crush your next goal. As well as increase your overall happiness, success and abundance. 


Perhaps most of all you want to increase your ability to give and receive love. You are open to love again and would love a deep connection with your divine partner. You are starting to appreciate you and like your life, but we are going to enhance and strengthen your self love and have you working towards a life you love. You will show up as compassion and love more deeply in all of life. You will start to notice the wonderful traits in others as well as yourself. You will put yourself and your self care first so that you are able to give when you choose to easily. 


Get clear and increase your ability to receive abundance as we work together. We will focus on releasing past traumas and letting your inner light glow so that you can fully step into the amazing Goddess you are. Shed the old version of you and ooze confidence as a dynamic woman owning her power. You are committed to you and the process as you see the butterfly emerging. You can’t wait to see what will continue to blossom in your life.  




  • Farewell to feeling stuck, doubt and not good enough. Leave all toxicity in the past as you transform into a Confident Goddess. As you free your soul from all the negative, you will discover your powerful intuition and let it guide you into a deeply fulfilling and purposeful life. 

  • Be the match to attract a quality divine love within you as you increase your self love and fill your time with joy and all that makes your heart sing.

  • Heal from past abuse and step into your power as the confident Goddess you are. The old you is dead. A thriving life starts today.  You will take bold confident steps in obtaining what you want. Step out of your comfort zone, go after that promotion or project, make more money and feel amazing.

  • Manifest abundance and heart’s desires. You can have it all!  Get crystal clear on what you want and why. Shift your focus in order to obtain what has seemed out of reach. 


  • Feel good again and let the sun shine in more and more each day. 

Imagine this, You: 

  • Tap into the love and power within you as you speak your truth, get clear on your big vision and rise into being the bad ass Goddess that you are. 

  • Light up your life with purpose, vitality and abundance by letting your intuition lead you.

  • See your wishes come true as you bring more magic to life with no regrets. Your only regret now is that you didn’t do this sooner!

  • Shine from your inner glow of love, light and peace. You are free, liberated and trust yourself to create a beautiful life. 

Imagine waking up and feeling amazing. ✨ All the heartache, self doubt and fear is gone. 

You are full of self love 💖and confidence 💪and smile back at your reflection in the mirror. You are clear on what you want and you are going for it and making progress. 

It's only a matter of time before you achieve your goals. ✔️

You are happy and believe in miracles now as you have had many miracles happen already. 🌟 You are making a ton more money 🤑to do what you love, your love life💕 is deeper and more connected than ever.

You are living in flow. 💫You are happy, grateful and blessed. 


But you also put the work in and decided to no longer settle in life.  You choose to invest in yourself emotionally and financially in order to thrive in life and stop playing small.

You realized that you needed to heal 💔and work past some of the blocks 😤that stood in the way of your success. 


You started this journey as someone who often people pleased too often instead of putting your own needs first. 


I have been there. I ran around trying to make everything work before I stopped and realized that none of it was working anymore. I have helped my clients, many of which have suffered some form of abuse to heal, increase their positive mindset, self love and confidence. 😍


You have the choice to keep the pain inside of you and hold onto it or to work through it and shift into a stronger, wiser, more lovable, bold version of yourself. 

I provide the strength, love, support, and encouragement to help you to see yourself more like the way your higher self or God sees you. 🌟You are pure light and love. 🌟

We create action steps and I hold you accountable in order to go after what you want. We access, change, shift and keeping working more and more to get you to where you want to be. 

😃Today, could be the first day towards your dream life. 

My exclusive, high end coaching program is the vehicle to get you further in life than any car ever could. You are the only thing that is standing in the way of true success. Let's maximize your potential together.  I empower women to release the blocks that are in their way and gain clarity on what they want so that they can create a life of abundance, bliss and love. 

What you get: 

A coaching package with a focus on accountability and untapping your true desires that helps you to blossom. 

Receive 1:1 support while focusing on clarity, awareness and diminishing of blocks that stand in your way, and allow the goddess within to emerge.

A bespoke fusion of coaching, reiki and intuitive guidance to clear the way for your most potent transformation so you can tap into abundance, bliss and love. 

  • Release past struggles, wounds and pains so that you can heal and transform. 

  • Learn and apply positive mindset practices and thinking as a way of life and daily habit in order to help you increase happiness and thrive. 

  • Get clear and dream big in order to create a life you love. 

  • Increase your ability to receive and attract abundance. Redefine your money story and have a flourishing money mindset. 

  • Develop and heighten your intuition. Enhance your spiritual connection and realize that your own inner guidance is an essential guide to what is meant for you.  

  • Forgive and let go of any anger or resentment that is standing in the way of you feeling and attracting bliss into your life. 

  • Put you first, stop pleasing peoplepeople pleasing and create boundaries in order to live in flow. 

  • Amplify your confidence and self-love. Tune in to love and emit a high vibration. Self care is key to a powerful and purposeful life.

Why work with me? 

I teach what I know and have been through myself. I am divorced and have been through a lot of struggles. I am a mom of 2 beautiful boys.  I have shifted many times out of limits and into a higher vibration. It was hard to leave my marriage even though I knew that it was no longer in my highest good to stay.  

I grew up with parents who had an average lifestyle mentality and wasn't pushed to do amazing things and live my dream life. Even my childhood had many struggles for me to work through. Yet, I always had this inner drive and a cup half full outlook. I always knew better things were ahead for me. Once, I felt really stuck, I realized it was time to make a change and go after that amazing life that I knew was out there over the rainbow. 


I have been defeated and I have risen. 

While going through the divorce, I was promoted at work often and excelled in that area. I didn't let one setback in an area of my life, take over the rest of it.

I remained positive and knew that everything works out for me. 

I healed and increased my self love and self worth. 

I manifested an abundant and happy life. 

I fully opened my heart to love.


I use all my life experience, training, skills, and intuitive gifts to help my clients evolve.  I am a certified coach, a positive mindset coach, an intuitive healer, a reiki practitioner, a spiritual goddess and a fashion designer and consultant. You get the benefits of multifaceted healing, insights and coaching while working with me. Clients love my strength, my direct and honest approach, my authentic and down to earth delivery of information as well as my intuitive insights and guidance.


I help you to be easy on yourself and love yourself more so that you have the confidence to go after your dreams. 

I can see you clearly and see what is standing in your way in order to work on deleting it and get to where you need to be. I help you release past wounds and fully step into how amazing you are. 


My clients have increased their self love and confidence, healed from past abuse, stopped people pleasing and started speaking their truth. They have improved their relationships with others, become more positive and deepen their connection to God. They have manifested more abundance as well as identified and overcame blocks standing in there way in order to attract more amazing things to them. 


My Special Sauce:

  • Not every coach is an Intuitive Healer and offers Divine Messages to help you align with your highest good and soul purpose.

  • Can offer Aura Readings, Past Life Readings and more to help clear the energy or pattern underneath this issue.

  • Is a Reiki Practitioner which can heal or lessen pain or depression, can align your charkas and have you feeling more balanced and energized. 

  • Can clearly see you and easily identify the blocks that are in the way of your success.

  • Will be honest, direct, strong and loving in order to help you have the biggest shift into a more positive life.

  • Teaches positive mindset and spirituality so that you can increase your outlook to more positive, strengthen your self worth, develop your intuition and follow your inner guidance. 

  • Has been through the process of what they teach via life experience and know that it works if you trust and apply it. 

meIMG_9845 2.jpg

Let's hop on a call.

You will gain clarity on what you want and what stands in your way of achieving it.

Click the button above, answer a few quick questions and I will email you to confirm or schedule a time to talk. 

What my clients have to say:


          Here is what Michele has to say:

           I totally believe in the synchronicities of life and that people are meant to cross paths for a reason. I met Crystal through a mutual friend and immediately became intrigued by the possibility of what her life coaching could do for me!

          I was in the process of divorcing my husband of 20 years. For years, I had been told I wasn’t smart enough, I wasn’t pretty enough, I wasn’t good enough. I had been struggling to find myself and acknowledge my self worth. I knew I deserved to be happy but didn’t know how to find it...didn’t know if I would be able to survive on my own.

          I began life coach sessions with Crystal, which lasted a few months.      

Again, the timing was meant to be...the divorce had been finalized and my kids and I were moving out taking very little with us. I was literally starting over with nothing. Crystal helped me navigate through the transition, the pain, the sadness, and the self doubt. Our routine calls forced me to take a deeper look at my thoughts, my beliefs, my feelings. The homework I was given helped me acknowledge my strengths, my motivation, my value. My mindset changed and I wasn’t just surviving...I was beginning to thrive! I was finding happiness within my self; my kids noticed I was becoming a happier mother, a happier person! I started to have amazing successes at work and was taking advantage of opportunities I never thought I’d be able to, like going back to school!

          Today, I am a much more confident woman. My children and I acknowledge feeling a sense of peace and happiness that we have been searching for, for a long time. I have been elevated to a leadership position at my job and am currently enrolled in school, to further my education. I definitely notice a change in my outlook and my mindset! I had decided I wanted to pay it forward and I currently use social media as my platform to help motivate and inspire others. I am honored to have gone through this journey and now be able to help others who are struggling!

          I highly recommend considering private sessions with Crystal. YOU are worth it! 

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