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From Hidden to Flowing & Glowing

Social Media Presence & Energy Alignment to help you show up, flow & glow!

2.5 Month Group Coaching Program with Crystal Lynn - Divine Empowerment Coach 

Do you know that you have a message or mission to share with the world but you have not consistently put yourself out there?

Be seen! Be Visible! 

Start your heart centered business!

You will get over the fear and doubt and get into action so that you can finally start what you have been planning in your mind forever.


Calling all of those who want to be coaches, healers, speakers, light workers and more! Now is the time to not only shine but glow.


You will feel fulfilled and lit up to help others to transform their life. 


This group program will include both practical and strategic steps that you put into action as well as a focus on energy healings and readings with each live call in order to shift your energy!


This is a jump start program to shift your energy and get you into to action so you can be visible on social media and help those you are meant to help.  


We will have live group calls so that you have the support & accountability while also getting your questions answered along the way. 


We will focus on: 

  • Your Soul Purpose, Calling, Mission and Message 

  • Your Client Avatar and Core Messaging

  • The Transformation and Result Your Clients Will Have By Working With You

  • Social Media/Content Plan/Sharing Your Story


As well as using energy work, readings and healings to help lessen or clear:

  • Feeling not good enough. fear, doubt, imposter syndrome

  • Heal past wounds, your inner child and the genetic line

  • Clear fogginess while increasing intuition and clarity 

  • Help you to focus on balance, while increasing self love, confidence, self care and fun



Digital courses are often not completed, because they are easy to put off.

This is a live group coaching program with ongoing support for the duration.


What are you waiting for?

You have no more excuses to start sharing your soul aligned message with the world once you join us for this program.


You will be so happy to get over the fear and be in action while aligned.

Starting something is always the hardest part.

Get the help you need to knock it outta the park!


Your soul aligned clients are waiting for you.

You get to make a positive impact on someone's life right away. 

You will impact many people's lives for the better. 


It's not fair to keep your knowledge, talents and gifts all to yourself, they are meant to be shared with the world.

Are you ready to stop hiding in the background?

I will help you be seen while sharing your soul aligned message.


Imagine easily making sales while sharing your important message.

It's all possible when you heal, have support and have the right system in place.


We regret what we didn't do in life.  We don't regret taking the chance.

Let's get you started on creating your legacy.


What you get:

  • 5 Live Group Coaching Sessions over 2.5 Months

  • A private group for ongoing support

  • Q&A with each call for individual attention

  • Strategy and Easy to Implement Action Items

  • Readings and Healings to Shift Your Energy


  • One 1:1 coaching session towards the end of this program to help you with the next step(s) so that you can keep going on this path ($650. Value)

  • Free Admission to A Speciality Masterclass ($30. Value)

  • "Releasing Into Confidence" Meditation ($47. Value) (Align & Shift, Make Magic Happen)


This is for you if:

  • You are or want to be a coach, healer or have a heart centered business

  • You are ready to shift out of fear, doubt and imposter syndrome

  • You are willing to take the easy to implement action steps

  • You are committed and coachable

  • You want to bring your vision to life and help others



This isn't for you if:

  • You aren't willing to show up and do what it takes to have success

  • You don't believe in a higher power

  • You aren't willing to take action steps


This is only available to the first 8 people who sign up.

I keep the group small so that I can give you the individual attention and support you need. 

IMG_8058 copy.HEIC

About Crystal Lynn

My personal growth journey really started once I realized that I needed to leave my marriage.


I already knew and practiced the law of attraction but I had to focus on my self love and healing during this time of divorce. I became more spiritual during this time, discovered my gifts, learned and coached other women to take their power back. 

I have been low, defeated and so much more but I choose to rise. 

I use all my life experience and trainings in order to help other women to heal, increase their self love and confidence so they can start their heart centered business and call in their soulmate.


I have worked on forgiveness, healed my heart, opened myself up to love and receiving abundance. I am blessed to coach other women to stop playing small, to be bold and speak up and go after what they want in life and so much more. Healing runs so deep and it will change your life. 

Here is what Colleen & Nilsangel have to say: 


Before working with Crystal I was stuck. I felt myself repeating the same sabotaging behavior and wasn’t allowing myself to build momentum in any productive direction. I had a hard time setting boundaries and ultimately saying “no” to others. After my time with Crystal my focus has sharpened and life is in alignment now. I’ve gotten out of my way and am open to all the insight coming forth without sabotage. I’m finally creating my online business and the right people are showing up to help facilitate it. Boundaries are something I implement with love now and don’t hesitate to say “no” any longer. I am manifesting my dream life with ease and the money to support it is flowing my way to cultivate it.    

- Colleen


It was an amazing experience to work with Crystal Lynn. She is very professional and knowledgeable.  I had lost my job due the situation the whole world was facing. I lost my focus and I had no hope at the time.  I was feeling very low and driving myself crazy thinking, how am I going to go on. I have been following Crystal for quite a while and was very drawn to her and all that she offers. She provided a ton of value. She had a ton of videos on a variety of topics such as: positive mindset, self worth, abundance, manifesting, how to release the past, intuition/spiritual connection, confidence, our views on money, goals/habits, and dreaming big, to name a few.  A workbook was also included that helped to outline the whole process. She also provided support and guidance via email/messenger to ensure that I was shifting my focus. She give me clarity to focus on my new life style. While messaging with Crystal, she got to the core of the issue and helped me to release a huge money block that has been standing in the way of my success my whole life. I booked several virtual clients after this insight and have grown my business. I highly recommend that you sign up for one of Crystal Lynn Perez's coaching packages. I am so grateful for all she has taught me. Most importantly, for helping me to find my way to generate money from home doing what I love. I will be forever thankful.

- Nilsangel

Woman on Her Smart Phone
Girl Using Laptop

My Special Sauce:

  • Not every coach is an Intuitive Healer and offers Divine Messages to help you align with your highest good and soul purpose.

  • Is a Reiki Practitioner which can heal or lessen pain or depression, can align your charkas and have you feeling more balanced and energized. 

  • Can clearly see you and easily identify the blocks that are in the way of your success.

  • Will be honest, direct, strong and loving in order to help you have the biggest shift into a more positive life.

  • Teaches positive mindset and spirituality so that you can increase your outlook to more positive, strengthen your self worth, develop your intuition and follow your inner guidance. 

  • Uses their gifts such as aura and past life readings to help you heal

  • Has been through the process of what they teach via life experience and know that it works if you trust and apply it. 

What if I already started my business will this still help me? 

Yes, this will still help you. However, it is meant for those who want to be more visible to share their soul aligned message. It will help you to get clear on your message, to shift through healing and more and get you into action but actually posting on social media. 


What if I don't feel ready because I feel stuck in lack and the negative right now?

If you show up and also do the action steps, you will get results. 

Part of this is focused on healing and shifting your energy so you do not have to feel completely ready but you do need to have the desire and commitment to follow the process.

This isn't for anyone who is expecting an overnight miracle. You have to show up, listen and implement in order to have results. 

However, my clients have manifested in just 30 days!

Will I receive personal coaching?

Yes, with each live session I will be available to answer questions. You can also ask questions in the private group.

If you want to shift the energy, believe in you and share your message eagerly - then this is for you. 

Here is what Christine has to say: 

Crystal creates a heart centered and empowering space with her group and 1:1 coaching. Her energy is inspiring and she provides a balance of support and stretch that honors exactly where you’re at & gently guides you beyond your fears.


I’ve had the privilege of working with Crystal over the last three months. When I started I was feeling overwhelmed with limiting beliefs, fear & wanted to hide behind my perfectionism. CLP supported, coached and encouraged me to get out of my head and listen to my intuition and heart. She has been instrumental in holding me accountable while guiding my transformation and journey to raise my energy & live a healthier lifestyle. Crystal Lynn creates a heart centered and empowering space with her group and 1:1 coaching. Her energy is inspiring and she provides a balance of support and stretch that honors exactly where you’re at & gently guides you beyond your fears. She incorporates an intuitive reading to start off your session then dives into her coaching and ends with a reiki session. WOW, what a creative and unique combination of support. I have been growing my life & business coaching practice while stepping into the next level of confidence needed. Thrilled that I said YES in investing in my future. My husband seconds that too. Lol. I would highly recommend you connect with CLP. I sure am glad I did!


You will leave this program feeling confident to share your message on social media and grow your following so you can make serious money to do what you love.

Join now before the group is full.
I am only taking 8 people maximum for this program.

Receive A Bonus 1:1 Clarity Call to use at the beginning of the group to help you gain clarity, focus and direction so that you can utilize the group to produce the result you want to achieve.

Total Value of $3,333.

Regular Price is $1,111. 

Get it Now for $555. if you Pay in Full 

Payment Plan Also Available:

2 Monthly Payments of $333.

$555. PIF
2 Monthly Payments of $333. each

Do you have questions? Do you want to see if this is the right fit for you?

Book A Free Call:

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