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Join us for this amazing FREE EVENT

7/8/21 at 8 pm EST 

This will be a zoom call. Please sign up to receive the link to join us. 

Are you ready to clear and release what stands in the way of your greatness? 

Would you love to release all that is not working for you so that you are more open to abundance and receiving?

Join us to release to heal on a deep level so you can shine from the inside out. This takes place right before the new moon, so once you set those intentions, you can easily manifest them.

We have a super charged healing event for you!

You will receive a sound healing and an aura reading. 



💫If you are new to me (Crystal Lynn), let me introduce myself:


My goal as a Divine Empowerment Coach is to help you to break free of limitations, to stop being who everyone wants you to be and instead live your life authentically.


Get clear on who you are and take action.


I help women to heal from past trauma and increase their self love and confidence so they can start their heart centered business.  


Are you ready to share your message and gifts with the world? Now is the time to make an impact.


I can help, book a call below to learn more.

All this is possible for my coaching clients.

I combine mindset, spirituality and self love to help you rise.


💕You can also JOIN MY FREE GROUP for ambitious women here:

✨BOOK A FREE CALL to see which one of my coaching programs is the right fit for you and you will gain clarity on your best next step.


💫If you are new to me (Julie Cook), let me introduce myself:


A little bit about myself, I had a life-changing awakening and I chose to raise my vibrations and awareness.  I came to recall gifts and abilities that I use to support and assist others.


I am a natural healer and born leader, which is confirmed by my astrological birth chart.  People know me for my warm, sweet, & humble spirit that can shift any energy in a room.  People are drawn to my magnetic, loving, and kind lifestyle.  I will make you feel welcomed, important, accepted and your energy will naturally lift when we’re working together. 


 I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Sound Therapist, my professional background is education, training and speaking which I use to guide others.  Through my Energy Therapy, I have psychic and clairvoyant gifts.  I work with higher dimensional light beings, client’s higher self, the angel /spirt realms, and the Akashic Record.  I specialize in mentoring and awakening Lightworkers and Starseeds.  I also guide the newly awakened so I can support their life purpose so they can walk the path they are meant to.


You can reach Julie here:

@energywithjulie on Instagram

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