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Healing Paintings
by Crystal Lynn Perez

Love one that is already made? 

They are 8x10 stretched canvas so you can easily hang on the wall and display them.


Value $333 For a Limited Time - Only $88

This price includes shipping in the US. Additional shipping charges apply outside the US. 


Email for a quote for a custom painting: 

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Get your own custom healing painting or get one already created that you love.


Each painting is an acrylic pour and includes crystals in sandlike form, reiki and can also be charged with your intention to help you level up. 

Choose your focus for each painting: 

  • Pick your colors

  • Pick your area of focus for healing or set your intention 

  • Pick your crystals

  • Add any extras like gold/silver flecks, glitter, mirror pieces etc. 

I created these to help my coaching clients set their intentions and level up while also looking at something beautiful in their homes. 

It combines my love of art, healing and expansion to help you manifest and love yourself on a deeper level. 

Rose quartz crystals are included in every painting, because loving yourself deeply first is part of the equation to manifest what you want. 

You get to stay at home and focus on yourself or get work done while also receiving healing vibes from your painting. 

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