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Discover the 8 Shifts to increase your Self Love, maximize
your Confidence & be the match to attract your Divine Love
and Receive 35 Easy Self Love Tasks!

This free guide includes the following insights and more:

  • Are you ready to release past pain so you can fill with love & peace instead?

  • Stop being so hard on yourself and learn to appreciate you. 

  • Stop staying silent, speak your truth with confidence. 

  • Vibrate at the frequency of love.

  • Daily Self Love Items to help you love you more fully: mind, body & soul. 

Hit Submit & You Shall Receive 

I empower women to heal from the inside out so they are a magnet for love and abundance. 


My clients love & believe in themselves again, heal from past abuse, and take confident action towards their goals.

Crystal Lynn

Divine Empowerment Coach

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