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Join me for this virtual event!


5/24/22 at 7 pm EST (4 pm PST) on Zoom


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Leveling up gets to be fun and easy! 



Connect with you, feel happier & achieve what you want. 

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Acrylic Paint

Are you tired of the struggle and hard work? 

Are you feeling low or stuck, even sometimes? 

Do you want joy to be a daily part of your life? 


It doesn't have to be hard or painful in order to get you results. 

It's time to fall in love with yourself and life so you vibrate with joy.


There is no other way to live that's worth it.


And you are worth it! 100% 

Let's face it, the past 2 years have impacted us or held us back in some way. 

But now is the time to go all in on you and your enjoyment of life.

Not sure, if it's doable? 

I was once there too.


I got you!!


 All you have to do is show up with an open mind and want more happiness & success in your life. 


Ready for fun? 


With this workshop, you will: 


  • Engage with your creativity in order to connect with yourself & joy.  


  • Leave feeling confident so you can crush your goals.  


  • Connect with intuition and flow so you can ride the wave to success instead of pushing uphill.  

Confetti Storm

You will leave this workshop feeling playful, joyful, hopeful and confident!

You will feel connected to yourself on a deeper level and trust your intuition. 


You will leave this workshop feeling aligned and empowered.


No more playing small or holding back, you got big things to do in this lifetime. 


Batter up! 


The home run is next up if you have the courage to step up to the plate. 


Just bring yourself,

a pen and notebook to this workshop.

Click below to join me for this free event:

Crystal Lynn Perez empowers women to heal from the inside out so they are a magnet for love and abundance.


After her divorce, she shared what helped her to ascend and transform her life with her clients. As a Divine Empowerment Coach, she focuses on mindset, spirituality, and self-love in order to help her clients heal from past abuse or disappointments.


Her clients become confident, believe in themselves, and take bold action towards building a life they truly desire.


They stop people-pleasing and they trust themselves to make the right decisions for them.


Crystal Lynn has the unique ability to pour love into her clients while also being direct and honest so they can clear blocks, love themselves on a deeper level, and win at life. 

You can connect with Crystal Lynn in the following ways:



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I learned to channel my inner power. I grew more confident in my abilities and skills and learned to express them with pride.

-Michelle G.

When I started I was feeling overwhelmed with limiting beliefs, fear & wanted to hide behind my perfectionism. Crystal supported, coached and encouraged me to get out of my head and listen to my intuition and heart. She has been instrumental in holding me accountable while guiding my transformation and journey to raise my energy, live a healthier lifestyle & grow my business. 

-Christine M.

My life has changed so dramatically in such a short period of time. I have my confidence back. I have joy again, and a great deal of hope for the future. My relationships are stronger; and, most importantly, I treat myself with compassion instead of beating myself up.

Crystal Lynn has the unique ability of tailoring her coaching program to the individual needs of her clients. She has an almost angelic light that radiates from the inside out; and I thank God every day for the healing that He has brought through her.

I would strongly encourage anyone that feels “stuck” in any area of their life to give themselves the gift of working with her. 

-Wendy Y.

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