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Would you love to start a heart centered business but feel unsure of how to start or grow? I can help you to increase your confidence & self love while building a profitable business.

  • Quit your day job and do what you feel called to do. 

  • Learn how to co-create with source, feel good and crush it in your life and business!

  • Raise your vibration and call in your soulmate!

  • You get to have it all!

Learn how healing you, focusing on positive mindset and self love are part of the keys to having a business and life you love.


Break free from limitations, negativity and other people's opinions as you live your life for you!

You will get clear on your business, take action, and tap into the power of the Queen within you.


I can't wait to see how you rule your business and life by the end of our time together in 9 months!

Turn your mess into your mission.

Would you love to have an incredible heart centered business while also transforming your mind and heart?

Join me to tune into love, success and bliss.

Aligned Queens Thrive

Conquer Your Life, Love & Business
Group Coaching Program
with Crystal Lynn - Divine Empowerment Coach 
  • Are you feeling imposter syndrome when it comes to building your business?

  • Attract what you desire with this program. More clients, love & abundance will flow to you. 

  • Are you feeling not good enough?

  • Or feel like you lack the skills or strategy to thrive in your business?

  • Confidently go after what you want in your business, life & love life. 

  • There is no reason to settle or wait, you can have it all, one step at a time. 

All of my clients who participated in my previous courses have manifested and transformed their mindset and their life.

Intention is key to help you create the results you want.

You will believe in you & get into action during our time together. 

And when you believe in yourself, anything is possible.


How would it feel to manifest a life and business you love? 


You could wake up happy, focused and fulfilled, knowing that you are creating a business you love.

You are serving your purpose by helping others. 


You are living life on your terms and making progress regularly. 

You have broken free from your negative surroundings.

Others can no longer persuade you, as you become clear on your worth and deservingness. 

You show up bold and confident! 

You take action daily to make your dreams come true!

You are building your business and increasing your positive mindset and self love in the process. 

As you increase your self love and realize how amazing you are: you are vibrating at a higher frequency to attract your divine love.  

You have transformed into a total powerhouse who crushes her goals!

Life is a blessing and something you are grateful for every single day. 

Join me if you would love to make this a reality. 


Crystal Lynn

I went through a huge journey of personal growth when I discovered the Law of Attraction while going through a low point in my life financially many years ago. I decided to start building my own business while not finding a position and discovered the Law of Attraction. 

I slowly started to learn more and apply LOA into my life.

As I focused on positive mindset, I landed a job that I loved!

A large part of being offered the position and the extra salary that I asked for is due to the fact that I showed up happy and confident at that interview. 

I did not put on a facade and pretend to be happy and confident. I was actually happy and remember smiling so much that day. I believed in myself and my ability to do an amazing job. 

I went on to do exceptionally well at this job & received many promotions due to my focus on positive mindset, self love and healing. More importantly, I started coaching part time while working this job. I followed my calling to help women heal, shift & rise. 

I am so thrilled that I get to empower women to break free of the limitations and struggles so that they can manifest their dream life & thrive while running their heart centered business!

You don't know

what you don't know 

I didn't grow up with any knowledge of the law of attraction as may be true for most of you. My parents and other adults could only do, live or demonstrate to me based on what they knew. How could they teach me to think positive? They were busy living their life they way they knew it. They were content with their job and their home. Average was enough. 

Some of the limiting beliefs that they had were passed down to me, as a child who was unaware. Such as the belief that living an average life was enough. 

I now know that we can create a life we want to have, one step at a time. 

Having your own business is not something that was understood by anyone during my childhood.


I went from never being told to shoot for the stars as a child to dreaming big.

Amazing things happen when you tap into possibility and positivity. 

Learning to tune into your thoughts and emotions can help you to shift to the positive

We will combine mindset with business strategy and spirituality to help shift the energy, change your mindset and give you the how to, in order to make shit happen.

Let go of imposter syndrome and feeling not good enough and step into feeling worthy and abundant.

We will work together to uncover and eliminate what says in your way. 

I am there to answer your questions and support you throughout our journey together. 


The year of 2020 has thrown us some curve balls. Gain the skills that can help you to thrive, pivot out of any struggle and build your business.  


You will leave this program having built a profitable business doing what you love while also feeling good and empowered. 


You will love yourself more, believe in yourself and be the match the attract your divine love. 

What We Will Focus On 

  • You will start & grow your heart centered business to be profitable and make $5K+++ per month!
  • This is ideal for coaches, healers, psychics and others who wish to help people in a big way by turning their mess into their mission.  
  • You will get clear and take action even if you don't know where to start right now. If you called to serve, then this is for you. 
  • You will learn how to make the law of attraction work for you so that you can accomplish your goals & live a happy life.
  • This program covers the mindset, confidence and action steps needed to create a life and business you love.
  • I will review a select number of your copy for your business and give you feedback to help you improve the message to attract your ideal clients. 
  • We will also cover spirituality and following your own intuition. (Letting go of others opinions and instead following your own inner guidance.) 
  • Aura Readings, Past Life Readings, Reiki & more will help you release the crap so you can thrive. 
  • You will release past pain, wounds, blocks and limiting beliefs that are just holding you back and dragging your down. 
  • You could release negative or toxic people or the old wounds they have brought into your life. 
  • You will be able to use your emotions and thoughts as a guide to shift your focus to the positive. 
  • Heal & realize your worth so that you attract quality people into your life
  • Be the match to attract your divine love
  • No more analyzing over what is the best choice for you as you learn to tap into your intuition. 
  • You will create habits that ensure your success. 
  • Take an accurate account of where you are and where you want to be. 
  • Dream bigger than you have in the past while be able to put a plan into action. 
  • Stop feeling not good enough. You will increase your self love, confidence and positive mindset. 
  • Learn how to manifest and tune into abundance. Change your money mindset to abundance. 
  • Manifest what you truly desire in Love & Business! Learn the manifesting secrets. 
  • I combine strategy and action with intuition and mindset so that you can see results in your business during our time together!
  • I will also give readings and healings which will shift the energy that has been keeping you stuck. 
  • There is going to be a huge focus on accountability and support within this group so that you are all able to make tremendous progress on your dreams!
Ongoing Focus:
  • Business Strategy
  • Mindset & More 
  • Group Readings and Healings
*Bonus Call: Your Big Vision
Month 1: Positive Mindset
Month 2: Releasing 
Month 3: Self Love & Confidence
Month 4: Abundance & Money Mindset
Month 5: Action
Month 6: Spiritual Connection
Month 7: Routines
Month 8: Growth 
Month 9: Calling In the One
Woman at Work

Create a life & business you love!

  • This is a LIVE group coaching program, not a recorded course. 
  • You will receive support from me and have your questions answered along the way. 
  • I am holding the space for the group to expand and raise their vibration so you can all crush your goals. 
  • Enjoy the connection of the private group, so you can all shift together and receive ongoing support.
  • I am not only a coach but also spiritual and use my intuition to help guide the group.  
  • The live calls will also be recorded for convenience and playback. 

You will leave this program with a profitable business. You will have an increase in income while elevating your mindset and opening to receive love & money. You will tap into your Queen like energy and thrive. 

Here is what Michelle has to say: 

I learned to channel my inner power.

Thanks to Crystal, I have increased my self love and raised my vibration.


I came to Crystal at a time in my life when I felt overwhelmed. I had just gone through a painful divorce. I had just been downsized from my company and my self confidence had taken a beating- it seemed like life had attacked me from all sides. Crystal stressed the importance of positive mindset. She was clear that I first needed to assess where I was at – to release, not pretend that all was well. I started taking pride in who I was, who I was becoming a better version of me. First, I changed my thinking from victim mode to warrior mode. I got ready for a fight knowing that I was a woman of worth. I learned to channel my inner power. I grew more confident in my abilities and skills and learned to express them with pride.  Well, interestingly enough – after 2 ½ years of searching, once I became clear on what I wanted in a house (and she encouraged me to dream big) I got the house of my dreams – with every feature I had asked for in my visualization exercise! Incredible! Coincidence? I think not! I now boldly speak my truth. I have improved relationships that were strained to thriving. I stood up for myself in powerful ways and even walked away from relationships that don’t serve me anymore because I was not being valued for my true worth. Thanks to Crystal, I have increased my self love and raised my vibration.

Here is what Nilsangel has to say:

While messaging with Crystal, she got to the core of the issue and helped me to release a huge money block that has been standing in the way of my success my whole life. I booked several virtual clients after this insight and have grown my business.


I took a course with Crystal Lynn. It was an amazing experience. She is very professional and knowledgeable.  I had lost my job due the situation the whole world was facing. I lost my focus and I had no hope at the time.  I was feeling very low and driving myself crazy thinking, how am I going to go on. I have been following Crystal for quite a while and was very drawn to her and all that she offers. In the course, she provided a ton of value. She had a ton of videos on a variety of topics such as: positive mindset, self worth, abundance, manifesting, how to release the past, intuition/spiritual connection, confidence, our views on money, goals/habits, and dreaming big, to name a few.  A workbook was also included that helped to outline the whole process. She also provided support and guidance via email/messenger to ensure that I was shifting my focus. She give me clarity to focus on my new life style. While messaging with Crystal, she got to the core of the issue and helped me to release a huge money block that has been standing in the way of my success my whole life. I booked several virtual clients after this insight and have grown my business. I highly recommend that you sign up for one of Crystal Lynn Perez's coaching packages. I am so grateful for all she has taught me. Most importantly, for helping me to find my way to generate money from home doing what I love. I will be forever thankful.

OMG! These bonus are insane!


Free Gifts worth more than $3999 

to help you implement and excel 

Bonus 1:

Online Curriculum 

with short video modules and

easy to complete action items

Bonus 2:

Direct Support from me

via Voxer Messaging

It is unheard of to have 1:1 support along the way with a group program! 

Value: $$$$$$$ Priceless

Bonus 3:

2 - 1 Hour 1:1 Coaching Calls to help you release blocks  &

gain clarity on your goals

You will love the small group atmosphere!

Sign up now before it's full!


Ongoing Support

so you can 

fulfill your purpose & 

bring your dreams to life

My Special Sauce:

  • Not every coach is an Intuitive Healer and offers Divine Messages to help you align with your highest good and soul purpose.

  • Is a Reiki Practitioner which can heal or lessen pain or depression, can align your charkas and have you feeling more balanced and energized. 

  • Can clearly see you and easily identify the blocks that are in the way of your success.

  • Will be honest, direct, strong and loving in order to help you have the biggest shift into a more positive life.

  • Teaches positive mindset and spirituality so that you can increase your outlook to more positive, strengthen your self worth, develop your intuition and follow your inner guidance. 

  • Has been through the process of what they teach via life experience and know that it works if you trust and apply it. 

What if I don't know where to begin with starting a business, will this still help me? 

Yes, This is meant for beginners. I will help you to gain clarity as well as make your vision start to come to life. We will have business focused calls and action items that will walk you through the process. As well as the ongoing support from me and the group.

What if I already know the law of attraction, will this still help me? 

Yes, You will still gain insight as we cover much more than just loa. You will focus on growing your business during our time together while being in a supportive group with like minded people. I will also be doing readings/healings which can help to clear what is standing in your way and help you to shift. My guess is that you found this page for a reason and it is divine intervention trying to bring you exactly what you need to thrive. 


What if I don't feel ready because I feel stuck in lack and the negative right now?

If you show up and do the work, you will feel better and more positive. This program will take you from lack and allow you to attract abundance. This program will allow money to easily flow to you. 

If you are committed, coachable and ready to do the work and get results, you will have success. 

This isn't for anyone who is expecting an overnight miracle. You have to show up, listen and implement in order to have results. 

However, my clients have manifested in just 30 days!

Will I receive personal coaching?

Yes, with each live session I will be available to answer questions. You also have access to me through Voxer messaging. Voxer is an app that allows text and voice messages.

If you want to start your heart centered business and need the how to and support, this is for you. If you want to reprogram your mind, increase your happiness & receive more abundance, you are in the right place! 

This course is ideal for anyone ready to do the deeper work to transform their relationship with themselves and start a business.

Is this program ideal for me? 

Here is what Christine has to say: 

Crystal creates a heart centered and empowering space with her group and 1:1 coaching. Her energy is inspiring and she provides a balance of support and stretch that honors exactly where you’re at & gently guides you beyond your fears.


I’ve had the privilege of working with Crystal over the last three months. When I started I was feeling overwhelmed with limiting beliefs, fear & wanted to hide behind my perfectionism. CLP supported, coached and encouraged me to get out of my head and listen to my intuition and heart. She has been instrumental in holding me accountable while guiding my transformation and journey to raise my energy & live a healthier lifestyle. Crystal Lynn creates a heart centered and empowering space with her group and 1:1 coaching. Her energy is inspiring and she provides a balance of support and stretch that honors exactly where you’re at & gently guides you beyond your fears. She incorporates an intuitive reading to start off your session then dives into her coaching and ends with a reiki session. WOW, what a creative and unique combination of support. I have been growing my life & business coaching practice while stepping into the next level of confidence needed. Thrilled that I said YES in investing in my future. My husband seconds that too. Lol. I would highly recommend you connect with CLP. I sure am glad I did!

Have you thought about starting about business for too long?

Or started it and not seen any growth?

Now is the time to get it done with support, guidance and accountability.

This program creates lifelong change and sets you up for success. 

Are you ready to follow your heart, fall in love and build a business you love?

  • I combine coaching with energy work to help you heal, shift and clear what stands in your way.

  • Aura Readings help you to clear what isn't working for you while also going you the best next steps to take. 

  • Past Life Readings can clear an issue or pattern from a past life which helps to eliminate it in this lifetime more powerfully.  

  • You will learn to love yourself and make bold moves. 

I’m giving you the opportunity to fall in love with yourself more deeply. To fall in love with life.
To feel more. To desire more. 

To open up your heart. Tear down your walls.

And live life untamed.

To allow yourself to feel, enjoy and celebrate life.

To pursue your passions and stop just getting by. 

To let go of all the baggage.
All the issues that stop you from letting people get close or stop you from doing what you love.

We are going to take the lid off. There are no limits to what you can do.

When is the last time that you felt deeply connected with yourself and others? 
When is the last time you laughed for hours? 
When is the last tune you felt completely lit up with positive emotions? 

When is the last you felt glad just to be you? 

Have you felt the power of helping another to recognize the gifts within them? 

To see them break free of the mold that was not serving them. 
The gray concrete starts to crack and fall away and they emerge light and bright.
Like a rose in full bloom.
Fully aligned with their heart, body and soul. 

There is no going back from this place.

Once you are opened, you have the pleasure of living life on a larger scale.

You get to now pursue your dream life. To be bold and confident. To conquer your life and rule like a Queen. 

There are no limits to what you can do from this space. One step at a time, you will build your empire. 

You get to build the life you desire. And not settle for what comes. 

This isn’t for the faint of heart.
If you are ready and committed to show up for you and make the changes needed 
To live life connected: mind, body & soul and build castles in the sky .  .  .  

Then schedule your strategy session here to learn more about how my coaching programs can help you to conquer your life.

You will never know what is possible until you believe and allow yourself to receive. 

I’m so honored, happy and fulfilled to be a coach that helps women unfold like rose and create a beautiful life where they are making a difference in the world with their positivity and light.  

Don't miss out on the savings & bonuses

because once it's full, it's full!

You can still book your call and save your spot now and receive your bonus. 

The first 5 people to sign up will receive a bonus aura reading to help you clear what isn't working so you can thrive. 

I am only taking a limited number of people so that I am able to give you all the support you need! So sign up now, before it's full.

You must book a call to gain entrance

to this high end coaching program. 

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