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Artistic Empowerment

Coaching Session

Are you feeling dull?

Like you lost some of your sparkle?


How would you love to tap into your inner goddess, queen or warrior? 


Receive an artwork proudly displaying the power within you!

Break free of other's expectations of who you should be.
Let go of your thoughts that you are not enough.
No more pretending to be who you are not. 

If you are single or divorced, it is time to start living life on your terms.
Discover the brilliance within you that makes you special. 

Show up authentically and allow beautiful things to unfold for you in life. 

See your true essense in a personalized work of art that enables you to exude your power.  

I'm so excited to offer you this exclusive package of a coaching session combined with an artwork of your story.

I am a divine empowerment coach with a background in art/fashion/design and I am thrilled to offer artistic based sessions.

You will tell me your story or your current issues which will turn into a work of art.

An abstract painting which I create during our session. Your story will be transformed into a tangible beautiful personalized art piece....I will be creating an amazing artwork out of your pain and triumph!!!

You will receive the 9x12 canvas panel artwork in the mail to use however you would like to.
Larger sizes available at an additional cost.
Email me at for a quote.
Display it proudly to remind yourself of the magic within you.
Let it be a reminder to show up and let your light shine in your daily life.  
You could also choose to tuck it away or even burn it to release old wounds.

This work of art will bring you from the darkness into the light. This will give you another perspective that traditional coaching cannot give you because you will have something tangible.
You can decide whether to treasure it as the beautiful you that emerged from the pain or let go as a symbol of releasing blocks holding you back in life. This allows you to let go of the struggles you have faced in a deep and profound way. 
Perception is just a single view and it is limited. We are always hardest on ourselves.  This perspective could allow you to sparkle again. You will see yourself as stronger then you realized you were.
It will confirm your beliefs about your gifts and talents as well as who you are on a deeper level.
It may show you what you have already gotten past. It may show you what you no longer want to see or put up with in life. That alone can propel you forward on your journey in life. You will be one step closer to your true self.
This deepens your belief in yourself.

You will also leave the session with guidance for your best next steps in life. You can put your best foot forward and go after
what you want. 

Do you want to give this as a gift? 
I can do that!
Just give me the name of the recipient to book the coaching session with after purchase.
I will email you either way, to book a time for the coaching session, once you purchase below. 

My paintings:

Get It Now 

For a Limited Time for Only $222. 

Total Value $888.

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Price includes shipping if you are in the United States. 

Additional shipping costs will apply to anyone outside the US. 

Beautiful art takes time.

The artwork will not be created until after the coaching session.

Allow creation time for your magic to come to life.

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