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The Soul Circle

It's time to connect with your intuition on a deeper level

so that you can manifest whatever the hell you want in life.  


Live 3 Month Group Coaching Program

with Crystal Lynn - Divine Empowerment Coach


Do you ever feel a disconnect from your intuition, as if there's a fog clouding your inner guidance?

Are there moments you wish you could trust yourself more, making decisions that feel aligned with who you truly are?

Perhaps you've felt lost, uncertain about your path, your purpose seeming elusive.

What if you could not only identify your true purpose but also ignite it, bringing it to life in ways that fill you with joy and fulfillment?

And what if you could clear away the obstacles that stand in the way of your happiness and fulfillment, sweeping them aside like cobwebs in a long-ignored room?

The Soul Circle is designed precisely for this transformation. Here, you will receive energy healings and readings to help you clear blockages while honing your own intuitive abilities.


This journey ensures that you can confidently move forward, knowing you're making the best decisions for your life. If you want to tune into your intuition, gain clarity on your purpose, and remove the barriers to a fulfilled life, then The Soul Circle is waiting for you.

Happy Meditator

You will leave this as a badass woman who co-creates her life with source.

You will uplevel your spirituality and abilities so you can manifest the life you desire.

What the Soul Circle Includes:

Unlock the Secrets of Spirituality

This transformative program uniquely combines intuitive development, spiritual exploration, and psychic abilities enhancement. Throughout this journey, you will:

  • Tune in to your Intuition: Unleash the power of your inner wisdom. Through carefully crafted exercises, you will learn to listen, trust, and act upon your intuition, making decisions with certainty and confidence.

  • Discover Spiritual Modalities: You will practice and master various spiritual tools such as card readings. By the end of this program, you'll be proficient enough to perform insightful readings without any tools, relying solely on your honed intuition.

  • Dive Deeper into Spiritual Realms: Open yourself to the enchanting world of angels, chakras, astrology and more. Gain an understanding of these celestial beings and cosmic energies, and learn how they can guide, protect, and enrich your life.

  • Develop your Psychic Abilities: Tap into the expansive world of psychic phenomena. I'll guide you in awakening your psychic senses, helping you perceive beyond the physical and into the spiritual realm.

Empower Yourself and Others

This program's transformative impact extends beyond

personal growth; it enables you to serve others, too.

You will:

  • Become a Psychic Beacon for Others: Harness your psychic abilities to provide guidance and clarity for others. Your elevated intuition will enable you to perform insightful psychic readings, offering comfort, direction, and healing to those around you.

  • Clear and Release Blocks: Through energy healing sessions that I lead, you will remove emotional burdens and energetic blocks, allowing free-flowing, positive energy within you and in your interactions with others.

  • Boost Self-Confidence and Assertiveness: Through a deep understanding of your spiritual self, you'll gain the courage to pursue your dreams fearlessly, and make decisions that align with your true self.

  • Deepen Self-Love and Awareness: As you journey within, you'll foster a nurturing relationship with your inner self, developing a profound level of self-awareness and love.


Turn Dreams into Reality

This program not only equips you with spiritual tools but also touches on manifestation so you can manifest your desires into reality:

  • Learn the Art of Manifestation: Learn techniques that transform your dreams into tangible realities. It's not wishful thinking, but a powerful process that you can consciously direct.

  • Get Real Results: Say goodbye to feeling stuck or directionless. This program is designed to bring about meaningful, tangible changes in your life.

Join our spiritual community, and be nurtured, guided, and uplifted every step of your journey.

You're gaining more than skills; you're gaining a spiritual family, a deeper understanding of yourself, and the universe.

Your intuition led you here for a reason. Listen to that inner voice. Embrace the calling.


Your path to spiritual empowerment, intuitive mastery, self-love, and successful manifestation starts here. Sign up now and begin this transformative journey with us.

Don't wait to join us. We are starting in June!

This is a live small group program so there are a limited number of spaces available with some already taken. 

Pay in full and payment options are available at the bottom of the page.

Woman with Firecracker

It's time to develop and enhance your abilities so you can trust yourself and align with your soul purpose. 

Those who did the first round, got so much more out of it than they thought. They increased their intuition, spiritual abilities, confidence, enforced boundaries and loved themselves on a deeper level just by being in the space and focusing on spirituality.

Gina said, "I now trust my intuition, listen and hear my guides better. I am more confident, visible and expressing my needs. " 

Repeat: I did not focus on confidence in this program and their confidence still increased. They are taking action towards their dreams because they love and believe in themselves fully.

They can also do readings with zero tools with accuracy. 

Because when you love and trust you, it's clear.

Not to mention how they have positively impacted their own lives just by tuning in. 

That's what you get when you work with me. 

I believe in you, so then you do too. 


You will receive LIVE group coaching calls where you will learn about many spiritual topics and also focus on your own journey, intuition and life purpose.


You also get coaching, readings, and healing from me.


You will also give and receive to help you enhance your confidence and abilities. Plus on the receiving end, you get clarity, healing and more. 

This includes 1o Live coaching calls plus a private group for connection and support. 

Here are all the topics we will focus on and you will learn and practice some of these also:

  • Intuition and the Clairs

  • Tarot/Oracle Card Reading

  • Mantras

  • Reiki 

  • Clearing

  • Meditation

  • Crystals and crystal grids

  • Astrology 

  • Numerology 

  • Runes

  • Angels/Goddesses 

  • Spirit Animals

  • Nature/Earth

  • Past Lives

  • Akashic Records

  • Spells

  • Auras

  • Hopon'pono

  • Prayer

  • Manifesting

  • Automatic Writing 

  • Dreams

  • Intuitive downloads 

  • and more

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

I'm so excited to be leading this spirituality based live coaching program because of how it has helped me make leaps in my own life. I know how important connecting with spirit and yourself is in order to achieve success, happiness, love and abundance. 

Especially right now as we are collectively moving to be more open and in touch with intuition and spirituality you will be ahead of the game and able to create a life you love

by the end of this program. 

Connecting to your higher self and spirit guides allows you to create

a beautiful and magical life. 

Miracles happen in this space and then appear in your physical reality. 

Would you like to enhance your intuition, open yourself up to spiritual abilities

so that you can evolve and expand this year?

You do not need to have a certain level of experience in order to join this program. 

This is a high vibration space where you will connect with yourself on a deeper level while learning different spiritual abilities and tools that can help you to tune in. 

Your intuition always gives you the right answer therefore tuning into your intuition on a regular basis is key to trusting yourself to make the best decision for you.


Taking action alone will not get you results.

Your energy, vibration, and alignment

are part of the equation.  


You know within you what is best for you. 

Tune in and bring it to life, one peice at a time in The Soul Circle. 

Image by Zoltan Tasi

It's time to honor your soul self!

It's time to bring all the beauty within you to life.

Make your whole life magical, fill your cup and find fulfillment in many areas of life! 


Everyone has psychic abilities, it's time to enhance yours. 

Get Access:

First come, first serve.

Pay in full and payment options are available at the bottom on the page.


Value of over $2200. 

You will receive group and 1:1 messaging with me. So you can ask personal questions or receive coaching for a limited about of time each week. 

A Guided Meditation to help you to connect with yourself and your intuition daily.

Here is what Kari has to say: 

Not only has this given me the kickstart I needed to come into my true power, but she has taught me to no longer stay small - to think big about my future and know that I can achieve anything if I just believe in myself. By the end of our time together, I truly believed it! 


'Wow, I have just completed a program with Crystal Lynn and have seen such major shifts in my mindset, it has been an incredible journey.  When I started, my main objective was to overcome my fear of visibility in my business.  We conquered that and so much more. Not only has this given me the kickstart I needed to come into my true power, but she has taught me to no longer stay small - to think big about my future and know that I can achieve anything if I just believe in myself. By the end of our time together, I truly believed it! 

Coming from the UK, Crystal made sure we fitted in sessions around the different time zones and always went above and beyond to ensure I achieved my goals. Combined with spirituality, the advice she gave I could relate to every time and incorporated with accountability meant she had my back at every step of the way. A-m-a-z-i-n-g.'

Here is what Wendy has to say:

My life has changed so dramatically in such a short period of time. I have my confidence back. I have joy again, and a great deal of hope for the future. My relationships are stronger; and, most importantly, I treat myself with compassion instead of beating myself up.

Wendy Young.jpg

I was drawn to Crystal during a very difficult period of my life. I was going through a physical, spiritual and emotional ‘dark night of the soul’.

I felt weak, defeated and insecure. 

Even though I am deeply rooted in my faith and holistic healing, I felt that my best efforts were getting me nowhere. I started having flashbacks of childhood traumas that I never acknowledged, which further isolated me from the people I love the most. 

I lost my joy, my confidence and any sense of value.

I’ll admit that I was skeptical about working with any kind of life coach. I’d been through traditional counseling; I’d forgiven the people that harmed me and I had made peace with my past. I tried so hard to stay connected, while subconsciously I was drifting further and further away. So, I became willing to do anything to “come back to life”.

After my initial consultation with Crystal, I felt an immediate sense of relief and hope. She said that if I was willing to invest in myself, that she could help me. So, I took a leap of faith; and it was one of the most life changing decisions that I’ve ever made.

Throughout the coaching program, Crystal really challenged me to question many of my thoughts, feelings, habits, and behavior. I had always blamed myself for not being “more”. 

I was operating on such a subconscious level that there was no way I could have seen what was truly going on. She encouraged me to look at things from a different perspective, and she supported me and believed in me until I believed in myself again.

My life has changed so dramatically in such a short period of time. I have my confidence back. I have joy again, and a great deal of hope for the future. My relationships are stronger; and, most importantly, I treat myself with compassion instead of beating myself up.

There are a lot of Life Coaches that specialize in vocational, spiritual, and emotional limitations. But Crystal Lynn has the unique ability of tailoring her coaching program to the individual needs of her clients. She has an almost angelic light that radiates from the inside out; and I thank God every day for the healing that He has brought through her.

I would strongly encourage anyone that feels “stuck” in any area of their life to give themselves the gift of working with her. 

Here is what Debi has to say:

I went from people pleasing to confident, speaking up and shining brighter. I embraced who I was and showed up authentically. 


After coaching with Crystal Lynn, I shifted in so many ways. 

I went from people pleasing to confident, speaking up and shining brighter. 

I embraced who I was and showed up authentically. 

I stopped playing small and pushed past my comfort zone. 

I took chances that allowed me to find more happiness and success. 

I started dreaming way bigger and took action towards those dreams. 


I appreciate and love myself more fully. 

I show up. I recognize my progress and all that makes me amazing. 

I stopped making excuses and focused on one thing at a time. 

I finished my training and have started to help and heal others as I feel called to. 

I healed the past and opened up my heart more to receive love. Working with Crystal Lynn really helped me to get past some obstacles that I have struggled with for years. 

In a world often lacking in authenticity, Crystal Lynn Perez stands as a beacon of realness and empowerment. As the founder of Crystal Lynn Coaching, she’s combined her personal journey of resilience, transformation, and spiritual awakening with her intuitive abilities to create a powerful platform for personal development. She's not just a coach - she's a guiding light on the path to self-discovery and manifestation. Through a blend of coaching, energy healing, and astrology, Crystal helps professional women overcome their limitations, ignite self-love, and harness their innate power to create the lives they truly desire. Bold, compassionate, and steadfast in her mission, Crystal assures every client, "I got you and I see your full potential. Let's bring it to life". At Crystal Lynn Coaching, personal growth goes hand in hand with empowerment and fulfillment. Your journey to self-discovery starts here.

Still have questions?

Book a Free Call Here:

Unveiling Crystal Lynn's Unique Blend:

  • Not many coaches encompass the versatility and depth of Crystal Lynn. As an Intuitive Healer, she provides Divine Messages that align you with your highest potential and soul purpose.

  • Adding another layer to her holistic approach, Crystal's adeptness in aura readings and astrology provides invaluable insights into your personal energy and cosmic influences, further assisting in your personal growth journey. Her keen insight also allows her to quickly identify and address the obstacles hindering your progress.

  • As a Reiki Practitioner, Crystal holds the capacity to heal and alleviate pain or depression, realign your chakras, leaving you balanced and reenergized. 

  • With a potent blend of honesty, directness, strength, and a hearty dose of love, Crystal ensures a profound shift towards a more fulfilling life. She imparts the wisdom of positive mindset and spirituality, empowering you to embrace a more optimistic outlook, reinforce your self-worth, awaken your intuition, and heed your inner guidance.

  • Significantly, Crystal has walked the path she's leading you on. Her teachings are borne from lived experience, and she embodies the proof of their efficacy. She doesn't just talk the talk – she's lived it, and she's ready to guide you through it.

You will leave this program trusting yourself and vibrating with joy and more in love with yourself!


You will love the small group atmosphere.

Sign up now before it's full! We are starting in June. 

Total Value $7,777

Get it now for only $1,777 if you Pay in Full

You can also use pay later credit below by paypal

Payment options are also available:
$665 for 3 months 
$360 for 6 months
$228 for 10 months

3 monthly payments

for $665 each month

6 monthly payments

for $360 each month

10 monthly payments

for $228 each month

Here is what Michelle has to say: 

I learned to channel my inner power.

Thanks to Crystal, I have increased my self love and raised my vibration.


I came to Crystal at a time in my life when I felt overwhelmed. I had just gone through a painful divorce. I had just been downsized from my company and my self confidence had taken a beating- it seemed like life had attacked me from all sides. Crystal stressed the importance of positive mindset. She was clear that I first needed to assess where I was at – to release, not pretend that all was well. I started taking pride in who I was, who I was becoming a better version of me. First, I changed my thinking from victim mode to warrior mode. I got ready for a fight knowing that I was a woman of worth. I learned to channel my inner power. I grew more confident in my abilities and skills and learned to express them with pride.  Well, interestingly enough – after 2 ½ years of searching, once I became clear on what I wanted in a house (and she encouraged me to dream big) I got the house of my dreams – with every feature I had asked for in my visualization exercise! Incredible! Coincidence? I think not! I now boldly speak my truth. I have improved relationships that were strained to thriving. I stood up for myself in powerful ways and even walked away from relationships that don’t serve me anymore because I was not being valued for my true worth. Thanks to Crystal, I have increased my self love and raised my vibration.

One more question, before you go.

Do you clearly distinguish the voice of your intuition from the chatter of your ego and mind?

If you struggle to distinguish these voices, it's time to gain clarity. The Soul Circle is designed specifically to help you tune in to your true, intuitive voice and turn down the volume on distractions.

Are you ready to start listening to what your intuition has to say so you can manifest what you really want?

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