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I'm so excited that you are joining us for this event to help you meet your soulmate!





I'm on a mission to help women increase their confidence, self love and connection to spirit so they can attract their divine love.

The limited time replay has expired but you can get this entire event as a VIP.

Become a VIP to have lifetime access to all the replays plus 2 coaching sessions.

See below to become a VIP.


Obtain the best insight from experts with this event. 

This is like having a $25,000 mastermind at your fingertips. 



Become A VIP below.

You will also have lifetime access to the replay. 

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Join my free facebook group for ambitious women and

watch LIVE on Monday at 7 pm EST

on mindset, self love & more!


Grab your Free Guide to Discover the 8 Shifts to Increase your Self Love, Maximize your Confidence and be the match to attract your Divine Love here:

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Become A VIP


Are you ready to raise your vibration now?

Would you love to clear out what is not working so you can attract love quicker?

Get 2 Live Group Coaching Sessions

with Crystal Lynn

This is a chance for you to gain extra insight and implement all we learned and to have your questions answered so that you can set yourself up to be the match to attract your divine love.

Crystal will also do a group card reading during the session to give you all extra guidance.

Plus Get Lifetime Access to the Replays

This way you can listen again to the moments that resonated with you most! You can allow it to sink in and apply the insight into your life! 


Crystal Lynn helps single/divorced women to heal from past trauma and increase their self love and confidence so they can:

  • create a life of abundance, love and bliss

  • step into their power, enforce boundaries and live life authentically 

  • start their heart centered business

  • meet their soulmate

Crystal utilizes mindset, spirituality and self love techniques to help her clients level up.


This is a $700 Value

For only $47.00


Here is what Michele has to say:

           I totally believe in the synchronicities of life and that people are meant to cross paths for a reason. I met Crystal through a mutual friend and immediately became intrigued by the possibility of what her life coaching could do for me!

          I was in the process of divorcing my husband of 20 years. For years, I had been told I wasn’t smart enough, I wasn’t pretty enough, I wasn’t good enough. I had been struggling to find myself and acknowledge my self worth. I knew I deserved to be happy but didn’t know how to find it...didn’t know if I would be able to survive on my own.

          I began life coach sessions with Crystal, which lasted a few months.  

Again, the timing was meant to be...the divorce had been finalized and my kids and I were moving out taking very little with us. I was literally starting over with nothing. Crystal helped me navigate through the transition, the pain, the sadness, and the self doubt. Our routine calls forced me to take a deeper look at my thoughts, my beliefs, my feelings. The homework I was given helped me acknowledge my strengths, my motivation, my value. My mindset changed and I wasn’t just surviving...I was beginning to thrive! I was finding happiness within my self; my kids noticed I was becoming a happier mother, a happier person! I started to have amazing successes at work and was taking advantage of opportunities I never thought I’d be able to, like going back to school!

          Today, I am a much more confident woman. My children and I acknowledge feeling a sense of peace and happiness that we have been searching for, for a long time. I have been elevated to a leadership position at my job and am currently enrolled in school, to further my education. I definitely notice a change in my outlook and my mindset! I had decided I wanted to pay it forward and I currently use social media as my platform to help motivate and inspire others. I am honored to have gone through this journey and now be able to help others who are struggling!

          I highly recommend considering private sessions with Crystal. YOU are worth it! 

Here is what Miranda has to say:

Crystal helped me to clear blocks and gave me insight. I released some anger and pain which helped me to improve my relationships with others.

I took my power back and I am more open to receiving abundance. I even manifested money!! I have realized how important it is to stop people pleasing and I have shifted my focus to putting me first. I limit my time with negative people which has me feeling more positive. I am open to love again. 

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