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Enhance Intuition & Trust Yourself
To Make The Right Decisions 

I'm so excited that you are going to enhance your intuition.

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1. First, read the guide and watch the bonus align with your higher self workshop.  

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 If you know that you want to finally get results in creating a life you love, I can help. 

You will deepen your connection to yourself and source so that you can manifest what you truly desire, improve relationships and tune in with abundance.  

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What do you have to gain from working with me?

What's included:

  • You will gain clarity and connect with your true desires

  • You will heal the past so you can attract what your truly want a nd tune into abundance

  • You will grow spiritually and increase your self love

  • You will be more positive and dream bigger

  • You will also connect with yourself on a deeper level and receive energy healing to help you clear the blocks that stand in your way. 

Yes, I want to increase my connection

get results!

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What people say about working with Crystal Lynn:


Before working with Crystal I was stuck. I felt myself repeating the same sabotaging behavior and wasn’t allowing myself to build momentum in any productive direction. I had a hard time setting boundaries and ultimately saying “no” to others. After my time with Crystal my focus has sharpened and life is in alignment now. I’ve gotten out of my way and am open to all the insight coming forth without sabotage. I’m finally creating my online business. Boundaries are something I implement with love now and don’t hesitate to say “no” any longer. I am manifesting my dream life with ease and the money to support it is flowing my way to cultivate it.    

- Colleen


It was an amazing experience to work with Crystal Lynn. She is very professional and knowledgeable.  I had lost my job due the situation the whole world was facing. I lost my focus and I had no hope at the time.  I was feeling very low and driving myself crazy thinking, how am I going to go on. I have been following Crystal for quite a while and was very drawn to her and all that she offers. She provided a ton of value. She had a ton of videos on a variety of topics such as: positive mindset, self worth, abundance, manifesting, how to release the past, intuition/spiritual connection, confidence, our views on money, goals/habits, and dreaming big, to name a few.  A workbook was also included that helped to outline the whole process. She also provided support and guidance via email/messenger to ensure that I was shifting my focus. She give me clarity to focus on my new life style. While messaging with Crystal, she got to the core of the issue and helped me to release a huge money block that has been standing in the way of my success my whole life. I booked several virtual clients after this insight and have grown my business. I highly recommend that you sign up for one of Crystal Lynn Perez's coaching packages. I am so grateful for all she has taught me. Most importantly, for helping me to find my way to generate money from home doing what I love. I will be forever thankful.

- Nilsangel

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